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“We are responsible for what we do, but also for what we do not do.” – Voltaire

As Recognio e.V. we stand for open discussions of all political, economic and social concerns. We pursue the goal of creating an open platform for collaborative discourse and consolidating it in the long term as a think tank in order to support clients in projects with our expertise.

It is particularly important to us to be open to all perspectives in order to obtain a holistic view of the essentials.


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Our Members

We attach great importance to diversity and are therefore particularly pleased about the many different personalities of our members.

This benefits the association as well as each and every one of us!

Tim Schwarzmeier
Tim SchwarzmeierFounder & Chairman
Factual and unbiased exchange about society, economy and politics has become rare. It is time to improve the discussion culture with the help of Recognio e.V. and to give something back to society!
Patrick Bergmann
Patrick BergmannCo-Founder & 2. Chairman
With the motivation to create a platform for joint discourse, Patrick founded the association together with Tim and has been passionately developing it ever since in his role as 2nd chairman.
Alexander Heil
Alexander HeilTreasurer
Always complaining about the decisions of politicians is annoying. If you want to change something, you have to become active yourself. Often, however, the discussion in the group also helps to rethink / question one’s opinion or to look at it from a different perspective.
Patrick Penz
Patrick PenzSocial Media Manager
Escape the filtered flow of information. New angles and exciting perspectives on important and moving topics. Giving something back to society and steering the culture of discussion in an open and unprejudiced direction. That’s what Patrick was looking for and found in Recognio e.V..
Felix Pietsch
Felix PietschContent Manager
Joining Recognio was a conscious decision for Felix to get out of his usual filter bubble, meet engaged people, and be able to discuss the issues of the day in a respectful and informed setting.
Laura Damm
Laura DammEvent Scout
A living culture of discussion that does not lead to quarrels but keeps common ground in mind is very important in a democracy. Our association stands for this common exchange and (newly) won friendships.
Jasmin Hörburger
Jasmin HörburgerSecretary
New impulses and motivation – these were the motives for Jasmin to join Recognio. She particularly appreciates the lively and varied exchange among members on all kinds of topics and the broadening of horizons through, for example, joint visits to events.
Felix Betschart
Felix BetschartSecretary
He enjoys working with Recognio e.V. as a “regulars’ table with a high level of quality” above all because of the stimulating intellectual exchange of ideas between different people from the most diverse backgrounds in a non-judgmental discussion culture.
Lena Eckert
Lena EckertEvent Scout
The exchange of opinions and interests, as well as the idea of being able to make a difference by bringing together knowledge and expertise from a wide variety of fields, convinced Lena. “Especially in this day and age, it is more important than ever to support each other, help each other and do good”.
Eva-Maria Hänseler
Eva-Maria HänselerMember
With the exchange of the different personalities at “Recognio” she always experiences new perspectives and enjoys the get-together. She can give free rein to her ideas and thus create new incentives that do good for our association and our energetic support services.
Maximilian George
Maximilian GeorgeMember
Maximilian sees Recognio as a super objective to bundle people from all political camps and backgrounds in one association, especially since one can support useful projects here and there within the framework of the association. Therefore, he is a proud founding member of the association.
Elfi Weiß
Elfi WeißMember
What Elfi particularly likes about Recognio e. V. is that the association offers a space to contribute one’s own interests – to inspire others and to be inspired.
Sebastian Gottstein
Sebastian GottsteinMember
Sebastian is a member of the association because Recognio e.V. looks at the current issues of our time from different angles and allows different perspectives. This way he always learns something new and it supports him to look at issues in a more differentiated way.
Martin Kraus
Martin KrausMember
Martin joined Recognio e.V. to discuss issues that affect society with other people and to develop exciting approaches to solving problems together. He enjoys being pulled out of his own bubble in sessions by a diverse team, with a variety of perspectives and experiences.
Anton Winkler
Anton WinklerMember
Since spring 2019, Anton, a long-time friend and fellow student of the two founders, has been enjoying and appreciating the critical discourse with people from different backgrounds and opinions as a member of Recognio e.V.. For him, the time spent in the association is a welcome change from his job as a key account manager.
Lars Ueberrein
Lars UeberreinMember
Based on his experience in consulting, Lars joined Recognio e.V. at the end of 2020 with the aim of providing consulting services to social institutions on various issues and problems.